I.This unmanned aerial vehicles that we offer are not common consumers’ level drones,they are special equipped UAVs, please contact us for details before you decide to buy it,we also offer customized service according to client’s actual needs.
II.We do not sell any weapons(includes any ammunitions and guns),what we offer is only the UAV and its related control&command system,gimbles(applicable to different payload),etc.
III.All the products are developed and manufactured by our own factory,we have 100% independent intellectual property.
IV.All the gimbles’ interface is only compatible with our own brand UAV and our own control&command system(include the communication link),if you use it with other brands drones and related accessories,and therefore caused some damage or can not use regularly, it’s not included within our warranty promise.
V.If you’re the first time to buy our products,please do not click the online buy button to pay them ,which is just for our existed experienced users,who had already been strictly trained in our factory,and know how to us our UAV and control&command system.