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YT-ECS Emergency Command Payload for Traffic Congestion

YT-ECS Emergency Command Payload for Traffic Congestion

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Model No.: YT-ECS

Dimension: 974mm*336mm*456mm
N.W: 6.02KG
Speaker range cover ≥1000m
Speaker Volume: 100 decibels
with a 12MP front HD camera
High-definition LED screen flashing frequency >200 times/min
       Display screen
            320mm*160mm *6pcs
            10mm Physical interval
            Phsyical Density: 10000/m2 
            Resolution 32*16 / Point
            Red Light Wave Length: 620-625nm
            Green Light Wave Length: 520-525nm
            Blue Light Wave Length: 470-475nm
            800m visible distance.
            Visible Elevation Angle: Mechanical adjustment 0-90°
Used for traffic congestion, power outage sections, highway traffic accidents, emergency vehicle congestion sections, traffic guidance and command.

Apply to UAV platforms: H16-V12 / H16-V6

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